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Nuru Massage Prague

Experience a genuine Nuru touch in our premium erotic massage salon in Prague. Enter a gateway to incomparable pleasure and get lost in a whole world of sensual indulgence.

Nuru is a rejuvenating massage therapy that has come to us from Japan.

Nuru Massage Prague

Nuru Massages Prague - Seductive Сaresses ❤️

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Experience a genuine Nuru touch in our premium erotic massage salon in Prague. Enter a gateway to incomparable pleasure and get lost in a whole world of sensual indulgence.

Nuru is a rejuvenating massage therapy that has come to us from Japan.

Our erotic massage club in Prague is dedicated to providing the ultimate Nuru experience that leaves you thoroughly happy and satisfied. Our team consists of cherry-picked beautiful massage specialists who have more than enough Nuru practice under their belt. All our massage experts are famed for their natural charm, courtesy, and a commitment to providing the best Nuru massage in Prague.

Rest assured your chosen therapist will be highly skilled not only in the Nuru technique, but also well-trained in the ancient art of Tantra. This means that each Nuru massage session will incorporate a deep exchange of sensual energies, quality bodywork, and complete intimate gratification.

What Is A Nuru Massage Prague?

A Nuru massage is a highly sensual, refreshing, arousing bodywork treatment that is designed to relax you both on the level of body and mind. In Prague, a hot Nuru massage is gaining rapid popularity as people are becoming to appreciate the health and emotional benefits such a massage delivers. The guaranteed outcome of an erotic Nuru massage in Prague is the overwhelming feeling of happiness and well-being.

In Japanese culture, a Nuru massage is performed by a nude or partly naked therapist who uses a special seaweed gel. This gel is tasteless, colorless, and without any scent, yet its texture is thick and slippery to ensure the perfect sliding. Yes, you heard it right – a Nuru massage is all about the naked, oiled body of a masseuse to be gliding over your body that is also naked and oiled.

A modern variation of a Nuru massage includes adding some healing components to the gel to maximize the health benefits of a procedure. As the enhanced oil penetrates the cells, your skin receives huge doses of vital elements, so it appears fresh, revitalized, and with a better appearance.

How Is A Nuru Massage In Prague Conducted?

A Nuru massage in Prague starts with a shared shower together with a masseuse. During showering, you will receive a relaxing massage to break the initial ice and get ready for the erotic fun to follow.

Your therapist will use both the special oil and their sensational body to take you on a sensual journey of adult delights. It is a body-to-body massage in its purest: an attractive massage specialist with a figure to die for generously covers their and your body with a gel and then lies onto you and begins to perform rhythmical movements up and down your spine. You can enjoy a hot tactile contact with their buttocks, breasts, belly legs or hands. The body-to-body technique encourages eroticism and creates a strong connection between you and your massage-giver.

As your bodies intertwine forming the integral whole, all your senses come alive and get highly responsive. You feel how strong sensual energy is floating through your organism, and your core is pierced with tantalizing sensations. The intensity of your senses will increase exponentially as the Nuru therapist picks up the rhythm, and at some moment, you will not be able to resist anymore and finally explode with a vivid orgasm.

Nuru relaxation concludes with a mutual shower as well, during which your masseuse helps you wash and calm down after the recent sensual extravaganza. Once you try a Nuru massage in Prague, you will totally enjoy every single moment of the procedure and will definitely include Nuru to the list of your favorite enjoyments in the Czech Republic.

  • In our massage parlor, in addition to first-class services, we also offer you a pleasant environment, thanks to which you can really enjoy the massage to the fullest.
  • The rooms are equipped with spacious beds with many pillows for your maximum comfort. Of course, there are also mirrors, so you can also enjoy the sight of a girl who will perform a massage for you or perform autoerotics.
  • A complete novelty after the recent reconstruction is also a sauna and a jacuzzi, where you can relax before or after a massage. A shared shower is an intimate communion of you and the masseuse under the falling drops of water.
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